A Little Night Music at 42nd St. Moon: Review by Carol Canter

Martin Bell as Fredrik and Alison Ewing as Desiree

42nd St. Moon’s production of A Little Night Music, my first live theater experience since the pandemic turned all cultural events to zoom, was a delicious return to the joys of live performance.

The farce, based on Ingmar…

Story and Photos by Carol Canter

I whirled around the skating rink in Yosemite National Park under a full moon illuminating Half Dome. As fingers and toes stiffened with cold, I’d stop to thaw out by the fire pit, pinching myself to make sure it was real — that the…

By Carol Canter.

We were early — maybe one to two weeks before peak fall foliage. So instead of colors that scream, we had hillsides that whispered with hues perhaps more subtle than we had hoped for, but achingly beautiful in a restful way. More earth tones — umbers and…

Carol Canter

Carol’s award-winning travel articles have made the offbeat and exotic accessible to readers for decades.

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